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    The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls into a dazzling wonderland of rich hues, patterns, and light that play on the floor of the mosque.

    I can never get over that this is a real place.

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  3. "The dogs are almost a defense mechanism for him so he can go to a place of purity with the dog soul and get out of the convoluted nature of mankind. I got the psychological landscape of a guy who escapes to animals to get away from the complexities of the human psyche. […] Will avoids eye contact, and it’s safer for him to bond with an animal because he knows what his expectations are of that creature   — a human being is a much trickier monster.” - Bryan Fuller (x)

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    let’s play a randomized nuzlocke.




    no no. no no no no.





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    Portal makes me so happy that I might cry.

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    My reaction to game of thrones season 3 episode 9.
    Fucking BULLSHIT episode.


  9. annihilation of both

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    I am what I hate most in the world

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